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Hillary Decides to Run for President, Claims ‘Only I Can Save America Now’.

Hillary Decides to Run for President

Hillary Clinton just won’t give up on her maniacal dream of becoming President Of The United States Of America. She had her rear end handed to her handily by President Trump in 2016 but still hasn’t learned her lesson.Ever since losing, she’s always hinting that she would be doing a better job had she won,

Trump Revokes Barack Obama’s Security Clearance

In the eight years that he was in the White House, President Obama was privy to all of America’s classified intelligence and state secrets. With this knowledge, he did incredible harm to our security at home and our reputation around the world. Past Presidents retain their status with regard to intelligence for the rest of

JUST IN: Speaker Pelosi Provides President Trump an Order

Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump should take down the disrespectful and harmful video that includes Consultant Ilhan Omar. Omar is claiming she is receiving a number of demise threats since Trump’s 9/11 video. As reported by WASHINGTON — Rep. Ilhan Omar says she’s confronted elevated demise threats since President Donald Trump unfold

Ocasio-Cortez Proposes Bill Capping Legal Voting Age at 65

The Democrats in Congress just never seem to be satisfied.  After the months of phony “impeachment” nonsense they put us all through, paid for by dipping into our social security funding, no less, now they’re dead set to cheat their way through the 2020 election.  And who better to lead the crooked bandwagon than Little

Bill Barr Indicts 8 People For Illegally Funneling Millions In Foreign Money To Hillary’s Campaign in 2016

In an odd twist of fate, Bill Barr just arrested 8 people and charged them with illegally funneling foreign money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. But it gets weirder. One of those charged is George Nader – it looks like he flipped as the feds have him locked up on kiddie porn charges. Nader works

FBI Surveillance- Malia Obama Seen Leaving Antifa Meeting In Baltimore

Malia Obama Seen Leaving Antifa Meeting In Baltimore

Since the possibility of Antifa being declared a terrorist organization has been suggested, the FBI has become proactive with their treatment of the notorious group. They’ve been keeping a close eye on suspected names on Antifa membership rolls, tapping phones, questioning on the street, and conducting surveillance operations at their regular weekly meetings. At one

Mitt Romney Strikes Again, May Scuttle Biden, Burisma Subpoena’s And Derail Senate GOP Investigation

CNN’s Congressional reporter Manu Raju cornered Mitt Romney today and got the story that Mitt may stab Trump in the back yet again.. Manu wrote: “Mitt Romney, a member of Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, told me of Chairman Ron Johnson’s Burisma probe: “There’s no question but the appearance of looking at Burisma appears

Mitt Romney Stabs Trump In Back, Trashes POTUS Over Testing and Defends Barack Obama

“I understand the politicians are going to frame data in a way that’s most positive politically. Of course, I don’t expect that from admirals,” the Mitt Romney said as he basically accused the Trump administration of misleading the American people. “But yesterday, you celebrated that we had done more tests and more tests per capita

John Cusack Calls for Trump to Be Removed to Save Lives, Says “Impeach Him Again”

In a pair of recent tweets, actor John Cusack blasted President Trump and his online supporters. The “Say Anything” actor called for Trump to be impeached again to “save lives” and referred to Trump’s online defenders as “good little obedient pets.” Cusack wrote: We need strikes / and we need to remove trump from power

WATCH: CNN reporter says American women should wear an Islamic veil to show respect and solidarity with Islam and Muslims .

CNN соrrеѕроndеnt ѕауѕ American lаdіеѕ ѕhоuld wеаr an Iѕlаmіс сlоаk tо dеmоnѕtrаtе rеgаrd and ѕоlіdаrіtу with Iѕlаm and Muѕlіmѕ. Thе burka ѕуmbоlіzеѕ аbuѕе оf lаdіеѕ undеr Sharia lаw оf Islam. .I’ve bееn ѕtаtіng fоr quite a lоng time, lіbеrаlѕ will begin сhаngіng оvеr to Iѕlаm аftеr a ѕhоrt time. Iѕ іt truе thаt it isn’t