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Lawyer for ‘Guy with the Horns and Fur’ Offers to Bring Down Trump by Having ‘QAnon Shaman’ Testify at Impeachment Trial

Al Watkins, a lawyer for accused Capitol rioter Jacob Chansley, is offering his client as a witness in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. Chansley is better known in popular culture as the “QAnon Shaman” or, as Watkins called him, the “guy with the horns and the fur” who was photographed raiding the U.S. Capitol Complex

Biden Freezes F-35 Sale to UAE, Munitions Sales to Saudi Arabia

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during his confirmation hearings last week that the Biden administration would ‘take a hard look’ at the UAE F-35 sale WASHINGTON – The Biden administration has reportedly temporarily frozen U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the sale of F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates as

Federal Judges Are Retiring Now That Joe Biden Will Pick Their Replacements

For at least one federal judge, it appeared that President Joe Biden couldn’t be sworn in fast enough. “It has been my honor to serve,” U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts wrote to Biden on Inauguration Day, roughly 90 minutes after he took office, announcing her plans to step down. “With respect, I congratulate you on

Elizabeth Warren and AOC slam Wall Streeters who criticize the GameStop rally, saying they treat the stock market like a ‘casino’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts slammed hedge funds and investors who were criticizing the traders driving up GameStop stock, saying they’ve treated the stock market “like their own personal casino” and calling for stricter regulations. “With stocks soaring while millions are out of work and struggling to pay their bills, it’s not news that the

Rep. Jimmy Gomez to Introduce Resolution to Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene From Congress

Democratic California Representative Jimmy Gomez is introducing a resolution to expel Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress for her past social media posts calling for violence against Democratic politicians and promotion of allegedly extremist conspiracy theories. “Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has previously supported social media posts calling for political violence against the Speaker of the

Biden’s new sign language interpreter runs a right-wing Facebook group and has been pictured in a MAGA hat

President Joe Biden’s American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter reportedly manages a pro-Trump Facebook group that provides sign language accompaniments to right-wing videos. ASL interpreter Heather Mewshaw was introduced by press secretary Jen Psaki as “today’s interpreter, Heather” on Monday, as the administration announced it would be adding a sign language interpreter to its daily press briefings. However, on Wednesday, Time magazine reported that


LOS ANGELES – In light of numerous reports revealing her repeated endorsements of sedition, domestic terrorism, and political violence, Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) announced today he will introduce a resolution to expel Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) from the U.S. House of Representatives. “As if it weren’t enough to amplify conspiracy theories that the September 11 attacks were an

Black Vets Weren’t Surprised Military Members Stormed the Capitol. Now They Want the Department of Defense to Root Out Far-Right Extremism in Its Ranks

In 2010, while serving as an Army combat medic, I was stationed on a former Nazi-base in Western Germany. The history wasn’t inconspicuous. In fact, white soldiers were often infatuated by it. They’d sneak selfies beside a swastika embedded into a brick building not far from the barracks I called home—remnants of the Third Reich


In the fallout over the Capitol attack earlier this month, some of the rioters have attempted to downplay their involvement, saying they were merely “caught up in the moment.” Although that does not and should not make them any less culpable, it’s certainly possible that they traveled to Washington to cosplay a revolt and ended up actually

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to force Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to retake their oaths on a Bible in a resurfaced video

epresentative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon-supporting Republican who is known for pushing conspiracy theories and making racists comments, previously tried to force Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to retake their congressional oaths on the Bible. Video footage surfaced on Wednesday of Ms Greene walking through the halls of Congress prior to being elected as a Georgia representative. In the footage, she